Une nuit de pleine Lune (A full moon night)

A performance imaginated by Anais Poulet, with the participation of

  • Camera : Laura Lukitsch, Benoit Guidi
  • Lights : Antoine Fatoux, Jules Bourret
  • Sound : Nicolas G-Waisfish
  • Referral process : Anaïs Poulet
  • Catering : Céleste Ascar, Candide Mouis, Elsa Ferret, Tingting
  • Performers : Léonie Schütt, Kévin Yvars, Marko, Aziz Boumediene, Elsa Ferret, Chloé David, Marion Ruault, Mathias Richard, Lou Montezin, Morgane Neplaz, Tina Hype, Evelise Mendes, Manon Trompowski, Ladji Aboubacar Yattabari

The artists embarked on this adventure first took part in an open-air laboratory, an expedition, a night of improvisations and performances, from sunset to sunrise in the Fort of Ratonneau on the island of Frioul in October 2017.

Special thanks to Laura Lukitsch for this video

Beginning of the experiment: the bunker S542

Personal ritual, installation, waxing session, screaming poetry, music, dance, noise, perdition, and drowsiness.


A series of portraits of the artists present was made by Laura Lukitsch and can be viewed on her website.

The film was edited and unveiled for the first time at Videodrome 2 in May 2019 under the title “Une nuit de pleine lune” (A Night of Full Moon). The screening was followed by a performance bringing together some members of the artistic team of the first performance and Berlin artists who came as reinforcements: Robert Stastny, Franz J. Hugo, Leander Reininghaus, Rolf Rollls Langhans et en soutien logistique Frederic Krauke

Photo Credits : Adeline Poulet, Jessica Luhahé

“Spread ruins confused with the ash-grey sand real refuge.

Cube all white light shaves faces without trace any memory.

Never was that gray air without time chimera light that passes.

Ash gray sky reflection of the earth reflection of the sky.

Never was it but this unchanging dream the passing hour.”

Samuel Beckett, Without

Photo Credits : Adeline Poulet, Jessica Luhahé

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