Morgane Neplaz explores the music world for more than 15 years, from traditional, contemporary, improvised to contemporary and experimental music. She studied music technique and theory at the Marseille Conservatory and then at the CFMI in Aix-en-Provence. She also discovered other practices through various courses, workshops, meetings, trips… She continues to train at the IIMM in Aubagne today through the “Bulgarian Polyphonic Songs” curriculum led by Milena Jeliaskova.

In addition to her participation in various musical formations (traditional, contemporary, experimental, improvised music), she participates in various artistic projects, musical readings, performances, the accompaniment of plays, the creation of soundtracks for art films, as a performer, improviser or composer, on the harp, song or Vietnamese monochord.

  • Absinthe Kiss – Frontière
  • Môzam’z – Viene de mi (cover La Yegros)
  • Experimental improvisation with Syrice Mathéron (guitar) – Vendredi 13
  • Solo improvisation for the company Nowhere Circus – Carnet de voyage