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48st Neukölln – Fortuna

26 juin 2022 @ 16 h 30 min - 17 h 00 min


Je jouerai ce dimanche pour la clôture du programme de Fortuna. Je vous conseille de jeter un oeil aux artistes programmés du vendredi au samedi, il y en a pour tous les goûts !

I will be playing this Sunday for the closing of the Fortuna programme. I advise you to have a look at the artists programmed from Friday to Saturday, there is something for everyone!



Jardin des faux pas (hosted by Jule Flierl & Hermann Heisig) + Soft Karaoke (hosted by Anna Zett)

19:00- 00:00

19:30 Intro

20:00 School of Attunement and Tactlessness

Choreography: Jule Flierl

Performance: Ayşe Orhon, Parvathi Ramanathan, Priiya Prethora, Shai Faran and Sonya Levin

20:45 Schallgarten

Idea: Hermann Heisig

By and with: Elpida Orfanidou, Thomas Proksch, Roger Sala Reyner, Hermann Heisig

22:00 Soft Karaoke hosted by Anna Zett


See program in detail:




CORNUTOPIA (hosted by Thomas Proksch, visual arts program by Vitsche Culture)

14.00- 00.00

14:00 Cinema: RHIZOPHORA by Davide De Lillis and Julia Metzger-Traber – 16 min; Melanie Bonajo

15:00 TECHNOCUMBIA with Sharon Mercado Nogales (Dance Practice)

16:30 Cinema: OSCITATIO by Rocio Marano, Music by Rocio Marano, Performers : Deva Schubert, Angela Muñoz – 6 min; INVOCATIONS OF REMEMBRANCE by Paola Bascon, Sound by Thomas Proksch, Performers : Areli Morán, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Thomas Proksch – 15 min

17:30 AI ORACLE by Ruth Mariner, performed by Alice Colley (Performance)

18:00 SCI FI ANATOMY with Lea Kieffer, Sound by Thomas Proksch (Guided Meditation/ Sound Journey)

19:30 Cinema: SHADOWS by Davide De Lillis, Music by Moss Beynon Juckes – 5 min; DYSTOPIAN STUDY by Abraham Hurtado, Sound by AL La Algaida – 23 min

20:30 EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION with Penelope, Samim, Ememe (Concert)

21:30 BITTE AUSSTEIGEN by Mateo Pelusia (sing along screening)

22:30 MAQUE PEREYRA (Concert/ DJ Set)

(0:00 DJ d4z4)


See program in detail:




Cellular Landscapes (hosted by Anne Zacho Søgaard)

12:00- 17:00

12:00 -16:00 Immersive Porridge Lounge

hosted by Anne Zacho Søgaard, performative appearance: Hermann Heisig and Thomas Proksch. Space: Franz Rautenstock

13:00 SWAY by Shannon Cooney (participative format)

15:30-16:30 Das Stickige Schweigen/ the sticky silence (AT) Tryout by Juliane Meckert.

16.30-17 Reflection Space featuring Morgane Neplaz (Harp/Voice)

See program in detail: 


Date :
26 juin 2022
Heure :
16 h 30 min - 17 h 00 min
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Karl-Marx-Straße 127
Berlin, 12043 Allemagne
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