Three Corbies

This collaboration stopped in November 2021

Leander Reininghaus: Guitar, basse, vocals, drums and effects
Bianca Guitton: Vocals, keyboard, drums and effects
Morgane Neplaz: Vocals, harp, frame drum

This French-German trio based in Berlin brings traditional songs from different European countries back to life with electro-pop-rock-noise arrangements and free improvisations. They wish to celebrate the beauty and wisdom of this musical heritage that comes to us from different times, countries and performers. They use their three voices, different spoken languages and mix acoustic and electronic instruments.

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Cygne de Monfort – Three Corbies

Bianca was born in Paris and as a child she was already passionate about theatre and singing. At the end of the 2000s, she completed her theoretical studies with a master’s degree in theatre at the University of Paris-Censier, then embarked on a training course in physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq school. In order to explore the link between theatre and vocal work, she did a series of training courses at the School of Movement in Paris, at the Roy Hart Centre and with the Song of the Goat company.

In 2011, she decided it was time to get down to business and moved to Berlin, where she played rock star one night at a street festival, improvised the next day in a cellar with the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra, covered pop songs at weekends in Berlin restaurants, or wandered the streets with her clown-musician duo. In the midst of this musical eclecticism, her heart remains attached to traditional music, which she sings to the accompaniment of percussion, synthesizer and the accumulation of effect pedals.

She sees music and theatre as two complementary mediums, to be used with humour and sensitivity. She likes to play with words, sounds, space and body, convinced that this is the way to share emotions and ideas in a joyful way.

Leander is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, who has toured extensively in Europe, the USA and Canada, and has collaborated with many artists. He began his studies in communication science and music education at the universities of Essen and Frankfurt, and moved to Cologne in 1990 where he lived and worked as a guitarist, arranger and producer while continuing his training in guitar craft, improvisation and Indian music, among other things, until he moved to Berlin in 2000.

He was then engaged as musical director for dance and theatre groups, and produced, composed and recorded for albums, as well as for film and theatre productions, exhibitions and multimedia events and projects. Leander works as a soloist, band member and guest musician and can be heard on over 40 albums. In 1989 he founded the intercultural band Moka Efti, with whom he worked for 10 years, co-produced three CDs and toured Germany and most European countries.

His interest in live-looping, as well as his fascination for the Hubble Space Telescope images, led to the CD recordings and solo concerts of “STARSCAPES – Music Inspired By Views Of Space”. Since 2007, he has participated in numerous international festivals from Livelooping to Rome and on European tours and as a headliner in California or as an organiser in Berlin.

Leander has been musical director of “Sound Art Modules”, a monthly concert series of contemporary experimental music in Berlin. In recent years, he has expanded his musical spectrum with concerts of noise music, for example as part of Frederic Krauke’s interdisciplinary art performance series “Ungemütlich”, and collaborations with dancer Anaïs Poulet.

Morgane is originally from Marseille, where at the age of 10, she began studying the Celtic harp and music theory until she reached the end of her studies at the Marseille Conservatory between 1998 and 2009. At the end of her studies, between 2007 and 2009, she also took courses in music history and electroacoustics. In the meantime, she discovered traditional Breton music in Dinan, where she took part in several Celtic harp courses, and traditional Vietnamese music during a trip to Hanoi, where she studied the monochord at the Conservatoire for several months in 1999.

In 2016, she obtained her diploma as a music teacher at the CFMI in Aix en Provence where she tried her hand at contemporary, improvised and experimental music as well as at vocal technique. Between January 2018 and June 2020, she immersed herself for a time in traditional Bulgarian songs at the International Institute of World Music in Aubagne.

In her musical career, she started her artistic career by playing traditional music in the street, accompanied by her small harp and an accomplice singer. She then worked on eclectic projects such as shows, cinema, theatre, musical readings, small musical ensembles of various styles (experimental, traditional, contemporary and contemporary music) and solo work, and has worked as much on improvisation as on composition and interpretation.

Today she is looking for transversal artistic forms, which allow her to link her experiences of instrumental and sung music, voice, body, dance, texts, improvisation, writing, and the different artistic styles she has approached.

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