Film collaborations…

In my childhood, my parent’s support for my musical learning often resulted in my spontaneous compositions and various improvisations being featured in their films. With my mother, I played harmonica and sang for “Faille” and made my debut on the monochord/Dan Bao on the “Ho” soundtrack. With my father, I played my first harp improvisation on a workshop’s film.

I know that their support is always present and today, I continue to collaborate with them as well as with the artists who gravitate around the Polygone Étoilé.

Here are some of the films I have been involved in recently:


… with Jean-François Neplaz

Dansed Film / 2021 / 30’ / Super 16 mm

Filming dance in this museum renovation site meant playing with imbalance more than elsewhere, and not fearing a fall. And it did. It is to make language with a profusion of images from another century, slipped there briefly into our daily lives. We the people of the visitors. This is the opposite of what we do in a museum, where the inhabitants of the walls are our guests and welcome us. Here, they had the fragility of being out of place, lying on the floor, as if stripped naked, crossed in their intimacy before joining the stage of their splendour. In the midst of workers and dancers, cleaning ladies and curators, they escaped for a moment from the sacredness of their condition, from the museification of the world, returned to life… frightened by the sounds of unknown machines and new rumours… We have, camping in front of the shipwreck of the Medusa and its slavering dreams of anthropophagous colonists, prolonged the movement of the universal language of a human paradise, where dance is the writing that draws hope even in the fall…

  • Production Martine Derain and Ex Nihilo
  • Postproduction Film flamme-Polygone étoilé
  • With the Compagnie Ex Nihilo Anne Le Batard, Corinne Pontana, Jean-Antoine Bigot, Rolando Rocha
  • Image Jean-François Neplaz
  • Sound Martine Derain, Jean-François Neplaz
  • Musical improvisation Morgane Neplaz (dan bao), Alexander Patzelt (clarinet)
  • Editing and calibration Bastien Michel
  • Mixing Alexandre Rameaux


2010, Co-auteur Elisa Zurlo / 59’ / super 16 mm > num

The tormented history of the twentieth century in northern Italy is a “point of view” that feeds the major work of the writer Mario Rigoni Stern. In this final testimony (he died in June 2008), he accompanies us on our journey into the imaginary world of the mountain people of Asiago. The place of man in the heart of nature as well as in the heart of war are mixed with the voice of the writer. Here the territory is a frontier, fascism is a present past, war is inscribed under a peace of snow. And man is there.

  • Direction and mixing Jean-François Neplaz
  • Script Jean-François Neplaz and Elisa Zurlo
  • Assistant directors Niccolo Manzolini and Laurent Thivolle
  • Trainee assistant Walter Ronzani Image Jean-François Neplaz
  • Montage Caroline Beuret assisted by Laurent Thivolle
  • Music Morgane Neplaz
  • Trainee Isotta Kamola
  • Sound Elisa Zurlo, Francesco Tedde
  • Assistant Sound Intern Gianluca Gurnari
  • Interpretation Mario Rigoni Stern, Ermano Olmi, Luca Magonara, Claudio Cristofolini
  • With the voices of Walter Ronzani, Mario Brenta, Claudio Cristofolini
  • Concert by Dario Fo and the group Punkreas at the Manifestation No Dal molin(Vicenza)
  • Film extracts News archive of the Luce Institute, I Recuperanti by Ermanno Olmi
  • Historical document La liberazione de Schio da parte dei patrioti scledensi
  • Translation Isotta Kamola, Julie Ramaioli, Walter Ronzani
  • Executive Producer Thomas Ordonneau for Shellac Sud (Marseille), assisted by Nicolas Lebras and Francine Cadet
  • Coproduction Film flamme (development, material, post-production), Maurizio Peronne for Route One Milan
  • Support Region Paca in partnership with the CNC, Region Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Found-Fondo regionale per il documentario), Region Veneto (Vicenza Film Commission)
  • Diffusion 2015-2019 Numerous diffusions in Italy 2014; The 25 years of the Cinema Le Méliès, Port de Bouc 2013; Biarritz 2012; Festival d’Uzeste 2011; Festival Terra Di Cinema (Paris/Tremblay-en-France); Festival I mille occhi, Trieste (Italy); Imaginaria Film Festival, Puglia, (Italy); Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Germany); Lonigo (Italy); Filmoteca Española de Madrid (Spain); Institut Culturel Italien, Marseille (France); Casa di Cultura Cibernetica, Montecchio (Italy); Presidio No Dal Molin, Vicenza (Italy); Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid 2010 Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille (France); Etats Généraux du Documentaire de Lussas (France), Festival International du Film de Montagne de la Lessinia, Verona (Italy); Trento Film Festival (Italy); Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid, Centre Pompidou, Paris (France); Cinéma Nova, Brussels (Belgium); Cinéma Latina, Paris (France)
  • Long version “Lands of a man”, editing Nicola Bergamaschi (2016)

Si muove

Fast political thinking film / 2009 / 21′ / without words / super 16 mm > 35mm / DVCam Pro, Beta SP, dvd video copies / 2K

17 February 2007. In the city of Vicenza, where the “Teatro Olimpico” combines urban development and ancient theatre, the people invade the political scene and dream of being the actors of their own destiny, opposing the future Dal Molin military base. Dario Fo accompanies the wedding with his song. Their victory (opposition to the base and the military budget leads to the fall of the Prodi government) will be a defeat (the conditions that Prodi imposes on his allies to form his new government include the realisation of the American base).

  • Director Jean-François Neplaz
  • Script Jean-François Neplaz & Elisa Zurlo
  • Images Jean-François Neplaz
  • Music Morgane Neplaz
  • Montage Caroline Beuret et Laurent Thivolle
  • Mixing Céline Bellanger Artistic collaborations and loansDario Fo, Franca rame and the group Punkreas
  • Production Film flamme / Production support PACA region 2008
  • Distribution 2011 2nd meeting dell’arte e della musica da “L’Arsenale”, Catania, Sicily 2009 Festival Docencourts, Lyon

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