Company: Ciconia Envida
Direction and writing: Jeanne Poitevin
Partners / Actors on set: Laura Giallombardo, Julien Botzanowski, Jeanne Poitevin
Costume and scenography: Théodore Carasso
Music: Morgane Neplaz
Amateur actors: according to associated cities
Artistic partner: Maxime Carasso

“we wanted to write about the exile

which is


that of our drama students, who have just crossed the Mediterranean, very often, or tell us that their parents had done so.

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Souffle d’Outre-Ciel (Breath from Beyond the Sky)

The Kim Vân Kiều was written by Nguyễn Du (1765-1820), a high-ranking mandarin of the imperial court. This long text of 3354 verses is considered by the Vietnamese not only as the masterpiece of their literature, but also as the mirror of the Vietnamese soul. This work is classified by UNESCO as part of the intangible heritage.

Songe en trois parties (Dream in three parts) by Lionel Parrini based on the work Kim Vân Kiêu by Nguyễn Du

Director: Marcelle Basso
Readers: Henriette Nhung Pertus and Marcelle Basso
Musical composition and interpretation: Morgane Neplaz

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